Keep on going Forward

My determination is still holding strong. I’m half way through the Couch to 5k app, now able to run 2.30 miles in 30 mins. Yeah!! Which of course is not crazy fast, but it is getting me closer to running that 5k in October.

I learned that establishing a routine is key to making a my goal come true. I waking up every day at 6am, put on my exercising clothes, brush my teeth, grab my headphones and out the door. I have noticed that if I do anything else in the morning I get lazy or make up some excuse to not do my exercise or run. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday I run. The rest of the days of the week consist of walking 30 mins. I have been listening to Rachel Hollis audible of her book “Girl Wash your Face” during this time, which I highly recommend to all ladies who need some motivation in their lives. This book is like a God sent to me, nothing like a person to tell you to keep moving and not to give up right in your ear.

My back still has its moments, which is something I have to live with due to the arthritis. But it will not hold me back anymore. When I feel any pain, I go back to my back exercises I learned in physical therapy. Which are my bridges, monster lunges, hip hicks, clam shells, and of course my stretches. Which I do daily as well, to keep my back in check.

I even even lost some weight, which was very much recommended with back pain “more weight, more to carry, more pain“. I started this journey weighing 141lbs which doesn’t seem to heavy, but for a 5ft 1in person it really is. Now the scale is reading 134lbs. My goal is 115 which is my pre-pregnancy weight.So I’m going to keep on going forward no matter how slow. 😁